I translate meaning, not individual words.
Words express an idea or message, and my job is to transcribe it accurately and elegantly.

Translation • Transcreation • Copywriting • Proofreading • Interpreting

About me

I have always been passionate about foreign languages and cultures. My Austro-Slovak origins gave me the chance to grow up in a multilingual environment and to familiarise myself, from an early age, with German, Slovak and Hungarian in addition to French - my mother tongue.
After spending 4 years in the United Kingdom and reading a Bsc in German, Russian and European Studies, I spent periods in Germany, Austria and Russia immersing myself in these countries.
In my previous role I was in charge of the organisation of international congresses in Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Helsinki, Salzburg, Oslo and Paris. Very early on, being a translator-interpreter presented itself as a true vocation. Since 2013 I have been carrying out this profession in Burgundy with passion and success. 

My services

More relevant than Google Translate. And warmer too!

    I transpose your content from German and English to French, in order to make it accessible to the target audience. Thanks to my network of professional English and German-speaking translators, I can also offer you translations into English and German and I coordinate the project management, so you have a single point of contact.  
    Also called "creative translation" and particularly used in marketing and advertising projects, I reformulate your content to adapt it to a specific culture and target market whilst keeping the original intention. 
    I help you put your ideas into words by creating unique, personalised, optimised content for you in a style suited to your field of activity. 
    I proofread, check and correct content that you have written or translated yourself because spelling, conjugation, grammar and syntax are essential elements that often require a different set of eyes for clear and neat rendering. 

All types of content...

Web: institutional and e-commerce sites, applications, blog posts

Marketing: magazines, newsletters, market studies, brochures, catalogues, communiqués, press reviews, packaging

Technical: instructions, product sheets, quality manuals, training modules 

... in a wide variety of fields

Beauty, luxury, jewellery, fashion, cosmetics

Tourism, culture, gastronomy, wine

Economics, training, international relations

Architecture, automobile, transport, environment 

"Machine translation
will displace only those humans who translate like machines." 

Arle Richard Lommel

A bespoke service

I pay special attention to each client and their realm. I adapt to your needs, your deadlines and expectations whilst committing to respect the confidentiality of your content.

Professional quality

In order to ensure consistency between different content translated for the same brand, for example, I use translation software that allow me to create a glossary and terminology base specific to a company or a brand.

Expertise in SDL Trados - market-leading translation software


I’ve been in contact with Silvia for several translations, namely marketing content we’ve been creating at Bostik (…), including our Smart Book which was a multiple hundreds of pages about adhesive and product range with highly technical information. Silvia has done deep researches (…), we had regular discussions about it, which convinced us about the service and professionalism of the job done. (…)

Benoit Perrier 

Highly professional and reliable translator. A pleasure to work with!

Elena Mahillo
Translating Sense

Fantastic to work with. Great project management, efficient yet friendly... Payment amazingly early. All you can ask for in a client.

Chris Yeomans

Silvia is a reliable translator who is always committed to deliver the best translation on time. We warmly recommend her! 

Eva Chastain
Acolad Group

Silvia has been helping us on our ongoing airlines menus with excellent feedback! Always a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!

Roxana Vorotic
Freedman International
And many others, subject to confidentiality rules!

Prices and commitments

My independent status allows me to offer you a professional service at the fairest price.

The pricing is based on 3 criteria:
- The volume: this dictates the anticipated working time
- The time-limit: I adapt and organise myself according to your needs
- The field: a high-level of technicality requiring research or the use of specific terminology can have an impact on turnaround time.

I also know how to recruit and coordinate a team of translators and centralise a translation project in multiple languages for you.

I will quickly send you a tailor-made quote and offer you a suitable invoicing method, based on the time spent or per word depending on your project. 

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